Hello, Welcome to ICUpictures(pronounced I see you)  Ok, Here's the deal about us.  We are a husband and wife team on weddings.  First off I am shy and laid back, I am friendly but quiet.  I am slow and steady.  I am practical.  I will talk but I am not overly chatty and long winded and I like to stay out of the way.  That is why I generally shoot with a long lens so that you forget that I am there.  When people forget that I am there, the photos are more natural.  The key is your interaction with your special one, your family, and your friends and not me.  I am the type that likes to take tons of photos and provide tons of photos because the photos that I like may not be the ones that are special to you, so I really like to take photos of everything and everyone, every detail recorded so I don't miss anything that might be important to you.  I like to provide choices, sometimes I do the same photo a couple of different ways so that you get some in different styles.  I love different color tones and black and white photos.  I overwork myself on photos because if it were me I would want to have as many photos to remember the day by.  10 years from now, the cake is gone, the flowers are gone, the dress may be gone, the food is gone and the memories have faded, but guess what remains to remind you of the day?  That's right the photos.  They show a history of your life.  They record a special moment in time, a moment that is fleeting and then fades without something to remember it by. I have a love affair with photos and I want you to have that love also.   My husband's personality is opposite, he's not shy, he is very friendly, very outgoing, he shoots with a short lens because he likes to get close to the details.  Everyone always seems to love him.  Where many overlook me, most always remember him. My husband is involved in feeding the homeless and helping others with an organization that he runs locally.  He makes being at a wedding fun for me because he is always helpful and always thoughtful and he makes everyone else enjoy themselves. They say opposites attract and that can be so true, but those opposites also provide balance and I feel like we are a perfectly balanced pair. Did I say we have experience with children, yes we do, we have raised four children.  We also have experience with pets/animals as we are big animal lovers.  I have also worked taking photos for a modeling agency so I do know something about modeling and modeling photos.  We both have experience in many different situations and so we take many different type of photos.  We both give more than a hundred percent taking photos.  I have often heard other photographers say that to stay in business one has to develop "one" style, well I love all styles, light and airy, dark and moody, colorful, bold and vivid, subtle and sultry, and most of the time those styles develop with the lighting that the photos are taken in, so I have learned to take photos at all times of the day and night.  Yes, I do have a favorite time of the day to shoot but I can shoot anytime.  Why would I want to put myself in a box and only develop one style, then my business would only be that person that likes one type of style. We hope to get to meet you and to work with you in the near future so please keep us in mind for any of your photography needs.  Thank you and you have a great day!!!